Applications of HMTG Tungsten Carbide for Metal Working

K05 Finish-cut turning, fine boring finish-turning, finish-milling, shave- planing, fine machining of hardened steel, abrasive materials, hard and gray cast iron, Si-Al-metals, plastics, electrode carbon, etc. Highest wear resistance for low strain of toughness.
K10 Turning, drilling, milling, reaming, countersinking and gun-drilling of hardened steel, white and gray cast iron, light metals, plastics and synthetic materials, glass, ceramic. High wear resistance for relatively low strain of toughness.
K20 Grade for drilling, turning and milling of short-cut chips of iron materials and hardened steel, plastics and synthetics, light metals, Al-Si-Mn-Cu-alloys. High abrasive resistance and good toughness properties.
K30 Milling, planing, turning of low-alloy steel qualities with low properties of strength, Ti-alloys, etc. Hard metal tipped tools, well suitable for brazing. For interrupted cutting. For high strain of toughness and good wear resistance.
K40 Milling, planing, impact and percussion. High toughness for medium wear resistance. Well suitable for brazing.
Cermet for fine finish turning, fine drilling of steel, cast steel. For high cutting speed at small chip cross section. For high surface finish.
P10 Turning, finish-turning, tapping and screwing, finish-milling of alloyed and unalloyed steel, cast steel. High cutting speed, medium chip cross- section, range of feeding up to 0,6 mm.
P20 Pre- and finish-turning, milling of cast iron and iron materials, long- chipping annealed cast iron. Medium cutting speed for medium to large cross-sections of chips. Wide field of application.
P25 Grade for milling of steel and long-chipping iron materials. Suitable for medium cutting speed for medium to large cross-sections of chips. For varying cutting depths and interrupted cutting. Good characteristics for toughness and wear resistance.
P30 Milling, turning, planing of cast iron, annealed cast iron, steel. Medium cutting speed and chip cross-sections. For interrupted cutting and varying cutting depths. High toughness and impact strength.
P40 Quality for rough machining: Turning, milling, planing of steel, cast iron, railway wheels, forged crankshafts. Medium to low cutting speed for large chip cross-sections. Interrupted cutting. High toughness and impact strength.
K05F Standard sub-micron grade for fine machining (turning, boring, milling) of hardened steel, hard and gray casting, plastics, abrasive materials, etc. Very high wear resistance at low strain of toughness.
Sub-micron grade for drilling, milling and turning of non-alloy steel qualities, gray cast iron, annealed cast iron, titanium and Ti-alloys, non-iron metals, high temperature steel qualities, carbon, cast materials. Cutting of film, deep-drawing and deformation techniques, drilling of printed circuits.
Sub-micron grade for milling, turning, planing, reaming, cutting of alloyed tool steel qualities (Cr-Ni-Mo-Co-Mn-Va), stainless and heat resistant steel qualities, non-iron metals, plastics, films and sheets, tools for deforming, punching and micro-punching techniques. Cutter wheels, reaming cutters, tools for die casting pulverized materials.
Newly developed top-of-the-art carbide grade with ultra-fine TC-grain and relatively increased percentage of cobalt binder. For highly resistant tools due to high T.S.R. For rotating solid carbide metal cutting tools working alloyed tool steel qualities particularly in metal cutting applications, non-iron metals, plastics, corrosion- and heat-resistant steel qualities. Specially used for tools in deforming, punching and cutting techniques.